PAWS Mobile

Mobile PAWS

The Frostburg State Mobile app lets you connect to various FSU resources including Mobile PAWS from your mobile device.

To get started with Mobile PAWS, download and install the Frostburg State Mobile app now.

Once you have it installed, click on the PAWS icon on the device screen (circled below).

You will find the Mobile PAWS features under the Student Center in PAWS.

The mobile version of PAWS lets you perform these academic tasks:

Add/Drop/Swap Classes
Apply for Graduation
Exam Schedules
Request Official Transcript
Search for Classes
Verify Personal Information
    (Address, Names, Phone Numbers, E-mail Address, Emergency Contacts)
View Enrollment Appointment
View Grades
View Holds on your Record
View the To Do List
View Unofficial Transcript
View Your Class Schedule
View Your Course History
View Your Weekly Schedule

Mobile PAWS supports these billing and financial aid tasks as well.

Check Your Balance/Account Inquiry
Make a Payment
Setup Direct Deposit
View 1098-T
View E-Bill

Financial Aid
Accept Decline Awards
View Financial Aid



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