Telephone Service for Residence Hall Students

Frostburg State University has discontinued automatic dial tone service to residence hall rooms.  Starting with the 2013 Fall Semester, land-line phone service in your room will be offered as an opt-in opportunity.

If you decide you would like to have a phone line in your room (one line per room), stop by the Residence Life Office (RLO) in Annapolis Hall and complete a Telephone Service Request form. RLO will then forward the request to the Office of Networking & Telecommunications for activation. Networking & Telecommunications will send notification to your FSU email address when activation has been completed.

There are 2 service options:

1) Campus/Local calling only
$14.00 per month basic charge + 12 cents per campus/local call

2) Campus/Local/Long Distance calling  
$15.00 per month basic charge +  12 cents per call for campus/local calls and 8 cents per minute for long distance calls

You can elect to have voice mail added to either option at no additional charge.

Each month you will receive a detailed bill of charges from the Student Billing Office via your online PAWS account.




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Tue 7/17/18 9:51 AM
Tue 7/17/18 9:51 AM