Cable Television

FSU provides one cable television connection in each residence hall room. To use the service, simply connect your TV to the wall jack with a standard coaxial cable (not provided).

How do I program my TV to be able to see all the channels being offered?

The procedure for setting up your TV to recognize the new signals will be different based on the manufacturer and TV model. Please refer to your TV's manual for instructions. In general, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Use your remote to access your TV's menu.

  2. Find the setup options.

  3. Look for the option to automatically scan for all channels. Be sure the tuner is set to scan for Cable TV or Cable Input--not antenna or Air). If prompted, scan for both analog and digital channels.

  4. Run the scan.

The scan may take a few minutes as the TV looks for all available signals. Once it's done, your TV should now recognize all the content provided by Comcast to FSU that your TV is capable of receiving. You can then tune to the channels just like any other channel. Remember the specific procedure may vary by TV manufacturer and model and you may have to refer to your TV's instruction manual.

Problems with your CATV connection can be reported to the IT Help Desk.

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