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Connecting to the FSU Network from Off-Campus

The Office of Information Technology at FSU provides a secure VPN  (virtual private network) service that allows faculty, staff, students, and sponsored users a quick and easy way to connect securely to the FSU network from external off-campus locations. 

Any off-campus user that needs a connection to any FSU network information or resource must connect through the VPN to get the necessary network access. 

To use the VPN:

  • You will need to download and install a small application. If you need assistance installing or connecting to the VPN software, staff at the university IT Help Desk can assist you. See the VPN Instructions (PDF).
  • You must have an anti-virus program installed and running. The definitions must not be older than 8 days.
  • Full VPN functionality is supported through Microsoft Internet Explorer and Macintosh Safari web browsers. Other browsers may be used but you may lose some functionality and they are not supported by the Office of Information Technology.

Full VPN instructions (PDF) are provided on how to make the off-campus connection from your computer. You may also contact the FSU IT Help Desk for assistance.

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