New Student Guide


Are You a New Student at FSU?

If so, use this guide as you setup, activate and begin computing at FSU. Contact the IT Help Desk for answers if you have any questions.

Receive your Username and password
All students are automatically given a network account, with a unique username, when they are enrolled at FSU. Your FSU username and ID will be e-mailed to the home e-mail address you provided to FSU. Additionally, you can use the Find My Username utility to look up your username.

Activate your FSU Network Account
The network account is the core of computing access at FSU.
 It gives managed and secure access to the campus network and FSU computing resources. Before you can use your FSU network account for the first time, you must visit FSU's Password and Account Management Portal to set up your unique password and identity account security. 

  1. Go to Password and Account Management Portal
  2. Select Activate Your FSU Network Account
  3. Enter your FSU Username and click Submit
    (Enter your Username only, do not enter “”)
  4. Set up your four (4) identity security questions and click Submit
  5. Logout from the Portal

Activate your E-mail Account
Once you activate your FSU Network Account, you can use your FSU username and password to check your e-mail.  Go to and click the login link.

The first time you log in to e-mail, you will need to set your preferred display language and home time zone for your account. Be sure to Save your selections.

Register your computer and devices on the FSU network
FSU provides free Internet access for all students on campus.  To access FSU’s free Internet, you must register your computer and devices on the FSU network.

Sign up for BURG Alerts
It is strongly recommended that you sign up for Burg Alerts to receive public safety and/or university closing notifications by text message.

Land-line phone service in residence hall rooms is offered to students as an opt-in opportunity. If you want to have a phone line in your room (one line per room), stop by the Residence Life Office (RLO) in Annapolis Hall and complete a Telephone Service Request form. RLO will then forward the request to the Office of Networking & Telecommunications for activation. You will receive a notification by FSU e-mail when the line activation is complete. Visit the Telephone page for more information.

If you opt for a land-line phone in your room, you can have voicemail added at no additional charge. Visit the Telephone page for more information. 

WiFi setup 
You can set up access to FSU’s wireless network, WiFi@FSU, on your computer, laptop or mobile device. Visit the Wired and Wireless Access page for more information, setup instructions and troubleshooting tips. You may contact the IT Help Desk for assistance if needed.

E-mail Setup
You can access your FSU e-mail from the web at  The first time you do this you will need to set your preferred display language and home time zone for your account. After log in, you will go to a page where you can set these. Be sure to Save your selections.

You can also access your FSU e-mail from a computer, laptop or mobile device. Visit the Email Access page for further instructions and for a link to a setup wizard that will walk you through the process. You may contact the IT Help Desk for assistance if needed.

All University labs are equipped with free high-quality black and white laser printers.  Color laser printing is available for a small fee through the Mail and Printing Services Office in the Hitchins Building.

Cloud Services
Partnering with Microsoft, FSU has made the Office 365 product available to all students at no cost. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of solutions that gives students e-mail, file storage, access to MS office programs and collaborative services and more. Students can get things done from virtually anywhere and any device.  Visit the FSU's Office 365 page for more information.

GET HELP  -  The Office of Information Technology is here to help you have an enhanced computing experience everyday.  You can get help with any items above from the IT Help Desk.



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