PAWS Frequently Asked Questions


My User ID doesn't work. What's going on?

Your User ID is case-sensitive. Turn off the caps-lock key if it is on. Try entering the User ID exactly as it was provided to you. Be certain you are entering the proper numerals (zero rather than an 'O'). If that doesn't help, please contact the FSU IT Help Desk.

What is the criteria for setting up complex/strong passwords?

See the Format for Complex Passwords page for complete information.

Why is PAWS so slow?

If your computer seems slower than usual when using PAWS, clearing your internet cache may help it perform better. To do this,

Go to Windows Start Menu.

Select Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options.

On the General tab, simply click on the Delete Cookies and Delete Files  buttons.

Check off the box to delete all offline content.

Click OK and exit the window.

What Internet Browser will work best with PAWS?

See the PAWS Computer and Browser Requirements page for details.

What are the Computer and Browser Requirements for PAWS?

See the PAWS Computer and Browser Requirements page for details.

Will PAWS work with a Mac?

Yes. The PAWS software vendor, PeopleSoft, certifies that their software will run on a Mac. See the PAWS Computer & Browser Requirements page for details.



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