FSU Network Device Registration

Attention Students. You must register your computer and other devices on the FSU network to gain access to FSU network resources and the Internet. This is required for both wired and wireless access. At a minimum each student computer must meet the following conditions before it can be registered and can obtain an active internet connection.

  • Operating System is up-to-date with critical patches
  • For Windows Machines only: Valid anti-virus software is installed and up-to-date
  • For Windows Machines only: Free of spyware and equipped with valid spyware protection software

To register your computer or device

  1. Plug into a wired network port or connect to the WiFi@FSU wireless network
  2. Open your Internet Browser
  3. Within a minute or so you will be prompted to log in
  4. Enter your FSU username and password
  5. Click on the button to accept the FSU Responsible Computing Policy and install the Impulse Policy Key.

    A few seconds after the installation is complete, you will receive a web page informing you of any steps required to ensure your system's security. If your system is already in compliance with FSU policies, you will be free to access the web immediately.

Getting Help
Users should review the FAQs and process-specific questions and answers. Additionally, help pages are displayed throughout the registration process.  Finally, users can contact the FSU IT Help Desk for assistance.

Acceptance of FSU's Computing Policies
When you register your computer by running the software requirements test, you are making yourself (or any guests using your computer) responsible for your network and internet connection and you are agreeing to abide by the FSU Responsible Computing Policy.

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